Civil Course

This is 2 year full time course in Civil trade, its affiliated by Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET) Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India

After completion of this course the trainee shall acquire the skill of Planning, drawing, estimating, and costing of civil work. Drawing plans by using AutoCAD. Making of 3D models of civil work. Giving lineout at site, supervision of civil work etc.

Employment opportunities for trainee from this trade as Draftsman, Surveyor and Land Surveyor shall be available in Central & State Government Departments. Ammonia Printer in Railways, C.P.W.D. Military, TCP, P.D.A., P.W.D., HUDA, Housing Board, Land Survey.

Private sector opportunities shall be as Draftsman, Construction Supervisor with Architect, Civil Engineer, and Civil Contractor, Builders.

The Trainee shall be able to independently undertake planning, drawing, estimation & costing and supervision of civil construction work. He can set up his own office for above work and also to supply Civil Construction materials

Course Details

Program Code Civil
Level Certificate Courses
Duration 2 YEARS
Qualification Std.X passed (Math's & Sci)